Avant-garde105-Boutique was born out of the project of a young and passionate designer who loves fashion in an unreasonable way.

His name is Clara Biagi and after various experiences in the field of visual accessories and merchandising for some Italian companies, in 2011 he comes to Avanguardia105-Boutique in the most polluted and sparkling neighborhood of Rome, Monti!

In this boutique, the pursuit of Clara ranges from clothing with kimono, dummies and handkerchiefs made to the boutique diamond tip accessories, always original, sometimes unique and still detached from current fashion.

The strong point of Avangurdia105's search is leather crafted shoes and not that Clara is constantly designing it by Italian craftsmen, a comfortable and original product.

Also in clothing, the selection of brands offered is in line with the basic concept, looking for little distributed, quality brands and anticipating market trends by spending the right.

Here, next to new and trendy pieces, you can find necklaces, belts, or vintage garments, a selected and non-commercial vintage in a perfect stigma of styles where the real protagonist is just good pleasure and the chance even if you trust the super look at the owner to enhance and improve yourself!

Avant-garde105 is for those who believe ... being original is our duty!

Via della Madonna dei Monti, 105 
00184 Roma

(Rione Monti- tra via Cavour e via dei Serpenti) Roma.